“Imagine, Draw, Design,
Model, Script, Theatricalize…

Design and organization of your retail space.
Theatricalization and promotion of your offer in connection with the strategy of your point of sale.

Develop a new project, create a new concept:

create value for its brand, create experience for its customers, be part of an ambitious cross-channel strategy, integrate technological innovation to develop commercial performance!

Makeover and want a change?

Our merchandising and design expertise are at the service of a global vision of the efficiency of your point of sale. With a panel of smart and inexpensive tools, we transform your customer journey, re-enchant your customer experience by modifying your existing furniture and your point of sale in a completely different design.

Create an event: Ephemeral, Mobile, Stand, Shop-in-Shop or Corner?

We realize your store concept in a pop-up store, corner or shop-in-shop, stand or ephemeral store format according to your specifications, your strategic challenges and your technical constraints.

Our references