Specialists in retail outlet marketing since 2001, we provide custom-tailored solutions to self-owned businesses, corporations and retail chains in a broad range of fields, from veterinary medicine, optics, human healthcare and services, to hair salons, speciality-food shops and clothing stores.

We apply our expertise in your clients’ behaviour and consumption patterns and retail space design to create efficient, effective and welcoming outlets. We work on every aspect of your retail outlet to boost both your brand image and your sales.
Our objectives : grow your potential, draw in more customers, increase the average basket size, improve customer satisfaction and incentivise them to purchase more often. We provide solutions tailored to your needs and objectives and closely monitor the effectiveness of your new layout.
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Our expertise

We understand and are experienced in every aspect of the marketing mix of a retail outlet :

  • Retail marketing: layout, potential, positioning, offer strategy, concept store, trade marketing, communication plan
  • Commercial design and architecture
  • Space enhancement and reorganisation of shop layouts, definition of sections, traffic flow management
  • Ambiance creation and brand-image improvement
  • Product showcasing, merchandising, event-based promotions

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Our four pledges

Provide you with quality, tailored service and solutions that meet your needs and financial goals.

Contribute to the sustainability and growth of your business (image, recognition, return) by providing you with the right advice at the right time and with the right tools.

Ensure the best ROI for your business or retail outlet.

Foster constructive, professional and pleasant working relationships in order to build long-lasting partnerships.

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Our 4 areas of expertise

As a transformation accelerator, we support you in each step of your project: from strategic thinking, to the creation of a unique customer experience, through the promotion of your offer to the training of your teams.
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