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“Observe, Analyze, Understand,
Recommend, Simulate and Extrapolate…

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Strategic thinking, advice and audit with an operational analysis of your point of sale.
Our objectives are to boost the attractiveness of your store,
develop your conversion rate and increase your average basket.

Analyze and define your Retail strategy:

  • Market study to support your development strategy,
  • Analysis of your offer and your positioning,
  • Benchmark of new concepts and trends, opportunities and new formats,
  • Watch your competitive environment.

Create a unique customer experience:

  • Study of consumer expectations and habits, decryption of the decision tree,
  • Analysis of the proposed customer experience,
  • Development of a retail story for the deployment of your concept store.

Optimize the performance of your points of sale:

  • Point of sale audit and its potential,
  • Analysis of the customer relationship and the loyalty strategy,
  • Reflection on an operational action plan for the areas of improvement of your point of sale.

Set up your Phygital strategy:

  • Audit of the digital communication strategy (Social Networks and Web visibility),
  • Creation of a communication plan and an editorial line,
  • Optimization of digital tools to develop the visibility of your offer.

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