“To know, to master, to teach,
Transmit and Develop…

Because passing on our know-how and expertise is part of our values, we have built training programs in our areas of expertise.

Our company is registered as a training organization.
Qualiopi certification in progress.

A Shopper Experience oriented training program

  • Master merchandising techniques
  • From merchandising to category management
  • Animate your point of sale & Showcase your windows and podiums
  • Store staging: revamp your point of sale
  • Create a new shopper experience in their point of sale
  • Understand and practice social networks
  • How to increase your visibility on social networks and the Web
  • Adopt the right phygital strategy
  • UX Design: enrich and manage the customer experience thanks to digital
  • Prospect with social networks
  • Develop customer loyalty 3.0
  • Counter sales techniques
  • Handling difficult situations
  • Develop your customer focus to sell better

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