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“Observe, Understand, Manage,
Create, Promote, Establish…
Promote the offer, create solutions, categorical approaches,
innovative merchandising concepts are our expertise.

Implementation of category management

  • Understanding of consumer habits and expectations,
  • Analysis of the decision tree of purchasing behavior,
  • Identification of consumer need units
  • Definition of consumption universes

Segment your offer

  • Range tree structure, by family, sub-family, segment …
  • Definition of assortments.

Write your merchandising charter

  • Definition of specifications for the design of furniture, displays, accessories …

Create your planograms

  • Creation and management of merchandising databases (products and photos),
  • Definition of a suitable merchandising (brand, category, seduction …),
  • Realization of ground plans and site planograms.

Formalize your merchandising action plan

  • Creation of the brand’s merchandising rule books, adaptation to pilot stores,
  • Definition of the merchandising strategy according to the distribution channels and realization of central referencing files,
  • Off-shelf animation plan and showcases,
  • Linear merchandising, podium and showcase layout.

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